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  • Random Thoughts Though True

    Sometimes a lot happens and we end up questioning our entire existence.
    During such moments feelings of love, hope, faith, and peace become so unfathomable we simply allow ourselves to drown in a never-ending abyss.

    Such feelings can be described in many ways and may wear many faces, to me DEPRESSION is a cocktail of all this.
    We are living in a generation of “fake it till you make it”, “men don’t cry”, “the end justifies the means” etc.

    The vast majority are drowning silently either due to fear of stigmatization,the fear of what the world will say and think or are too proud to seek help.

    From my personal experience many if not all will turn their backs on you and mock you but at the same time God will always send someone to help you through the darkness. 💔

    Most importantly you must be prepared to have the fight of your life because that’s what you’ll be doing. You will walk through hell but only the brave make it through because during this moment everything falls apart. It becomes so bad that even breathing becomes a task that you need to remind yourself of (most won’t understand unless they’ve experienced it or seen a loved one go through it.)

    In summary, believe in yourself for the sun always shines no matter the storm❤️…

  • *What Are My 3 Am Thoughts?*

    I crave the people that introduce you to their minds. Tell me the things that consume your brain at 2 am. Yeah sure, I wanna hear about your parents and your friends and your favorite food.. but tell me the reason you hate a certain date of a certain month, tell me why you’re in love with something or someone, tell me about space and time, tell me what comes to mind when you hear the word God, tell me the things you’re afraid to tell everyone else.
    Love, Faith, and Hope

  • *How Is Mental Health Related To Drugs Abuse?*

    Usage of drugs is a habit until you can’t maintain it anymore, what seemed like a great idea turns into a chaotic life-changing experience. Alcohol and substance abuse is the most important watch for the aspect of youth life. The abuse of these substances destroys our youth’s education,  lasting relationships, long-established and newbie marriages, and most of all people’s lives in general.

    Youth’s and everyone in general have idolized alcohol and substance abuse as essentials in life. My main concern is have the society ever asked themselves why there are so many cases of this abuse. What people do is criticize instead of finding the root cause of the problem. Youth’s have been forced to that life of substance abuse by a number of things:

    1: Situations at home getting a hold of their mental health.
    2: Parents' failure of raising awareness and take control of their kids' lives. 

    Many things can cause a child’s mental state not to be able to function well and therefore they opt for substances that will help them relax. Situations such as depression, marriage breakages, family conflicts, and other personal beliefs.

    In summary, rehabilitation is one of the most favorable ways to clean up an addict but above all its self initiated by the abuser. It’s every mother’s joy to see her kids flourish and do well in life but what can I say? many youths are trapped in this form of slavery.

  • What’s Weird About Relationships.

    What happens when two people meet and are destined for each other? right fireworks go off. No one will ever tell you this but be healthy in love, sanely in love and peace, and forget about this madly in love thing. There aren’t many people who manage to get through their life without falling in love no matter how much they may want to.

    Most people start as a portrait of excellence both professional and delightful to be around them. It’s funny how most people are deluded into thinking that some people are naturally looking for real love. Once reality hits and you are graced with their presence long enough to figure out their true colors, it could be too late to act accordingly. So what happens when the relationship starts testing like lime?

    The majority of the relationships out here start with “Let me make that tingling sensation in between your thighs disappear.” Sometimes the mistakes that happen in our love lives have no one to blame but ourselves for the imbalance on the earth. Ever heard a couple saying “I should have known better. Not even known, done better, acted better.” Deep down you already know there was only one way it was going to end.

    A lot of people have nothing inside but blazing anger, loneliness, and years of hurt. Most people end up feeling pathetic when they understand how much they told themselves they would never be this person. Not everyone you claim to be in love with will always appreciate constructive criticism, don’t let a relationship push you out of your standards.

  • What’s The Relationship Between Love And Money?

    Who has ever heard of the phrase, “Siwezi kupenda bila pesa!” Well forgive my manners for using my vernacular, but allow me to let you in on what it means and maybe you will enjoy it too. It simply means I can not love you without money and not for any other reason I can’t do this but for money’s sake, I can not.

    It’s high time we let love sets the foundation of the world we live in today. It’s not a proper approach to the idea of what love feels but idolizing money has made those feelings disappear. In our society, we have been raised knowing it’s a man’s job to provide regardless of his position in life. I wouldn’t dispute this fact but the world is changing and it’s time we embrace new beginnings.

    Both genders are known to be hardworking and money oriented but in the society, we live in nowadays you can’t tell when money issues are involved. Huh!🙄How ironic that is? The fact that a man will work for the money and when it’s time to be salaried his expenses are way too much for him alone. This mere fact amazes me in so many ways.

    I am not saying it’s bad for women to ask for that money, all am saying is spare the boy child some pressure and learn how to hustle your own money. Kudos to all women who already have been doing that for themselves I celebrate you all today.

  • What You Should Know About Depression.

    Depression Is A Reality.

    These symptoms are what we experience in our day-to-day lives but due to our ignorance, many lives are lost.

    Depression is a state of mind a mood disorder where sadness takes over, persistently low moods, and loss of interest in one’s daily activities. Its symptoms last an average of 6 to 8 months and with it comes lots of side effects.

    You find someone losing weight, without dieting, and subsequently feeling a low appetite which would make one think they keeping fit. Before judging anyone try and find out what’s the problem with them because honestly who doesn’t like food?

    Sometimes you find those in relationships fighting and quarreling because of changes in their sexual desires, it’s not that your partner isn’t feeling you anymore it could be something to do with her state of mind remember sex is all about mindset. Before rushing to point of accusing each other of cheating or the reason they don’t want to have sex with you try and find out the reasons why because one thing is for sure depression lowers sexual desire. 

    Most times the victim is restless, and agitated with small things don’t just brush them off try and find out what’s eating them up cause these are some of the things that will lead you to know someone is in a state of depression and they don’t know.

    With all these combined you will find a person is in a state where making the right decisions is hard, That’s why most of the time a victim has recurrent thoughts about attempting suicide. When you hear someone telling you he or she is confused please don’t ignore them lend them your ears help them in that decision-making point they are in.

    Sometimes situations such as death, divorce, bad relations between families and friends, or even financial problems could bring about depression. At times childhood traumas also affect one’s life, Drugs also cause depression once you became an addict, and when there is no turning back you will start seeing yourself as a nobody hence self-pity.

    Depression being a killer disease can also be managed through:

    1: *Speaking out:* Speak up, that is why people are advised to be attending therapies. As a patient find a safe place for yourself and learn to be able to open up and get the help you deserve.

    2: *Speak to your caregiver* Look out for a hospital and find a way to get treated. Your caregiver will give the right diagnosis and the best treatment plan. Make use of antidepressants under doctors’ prescriptions.

    In summary, depression can be managed and treated once the condition is identified. Watch your loved ones out sometimes they don’t understand why they are the way they are.

  • Anxiety Disorder.

    How to Handle Anxiety Disorder

    Anxiety is normal, especially when you are at work, when you must make an important decision, or when you have a school test.

    However, when we speak of anxiety disorder, we are referring to excessive nervousness and fear.
    Anxious people have difficulty going about their daily lives. When the condition manifests itself, one may feel uneasy, sweat, have rapid heartbeats, panic, and fear. Anxiety causes people to react to situations around them with fear, they overreact to situations once their emotions are triggered, and it is extremely difficult for them to control their reactions to crises.

    Because anxiety is the most common mental health condition, there is hope that it can be treated and managed. The patient can take certain steps to ensure that the anxiety is managed or controlled. To help with anxiety disorder, the following steps could be taken:

    • Create a safe space: This could take the form of support groups or one-on-one conversations. These talks encourage people who suffer from anxiety to share their struggles and methods for dealing with the condition.

    • Find ways to manage stress: People with anxiety disorders should try to learn different habits that will help them avoid stressful situations. Meditation can be learned through the stress management process.

    • Consult with your caregiver: A healthcare provider will assist you in determining the best diagnosis and treatment plan for you. The healthcare provider will assist you in determining whether or not the medication is effective. Once you’ve determined whether it’s working or not, you can figure out how to deal with your anxiety.

    To summarize, an anxiety disorder can be treated in a variety of ways; the only requirement is that the person is willing to be helped along the way.